Your lawn deserves the finest.


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Lawn Maintenance:
We provide weekly or bi-weekly visits to your property based on your needs.  Prior to mowing, your lawn will be cleared of all litter or debris that may have blown from trees.  When were done mowing and trimming, all the sidewalks and driveways will be blown free of clippings.  We always use the appropriate size mower for the lawn to ensure your turf remains healthy and undamaged.   See our fertilization page for details on how to make your lawn weed free!

Monthly Weed Control:
Tired of weeding?  One of our licensed technicians will visit your property once per month and spot treat your flower beds, mulch rings, driveway, parking lot, and sidewalk cracks with herbicide to promote a weed free appearance for your property. 

Spring Clean-Up:
In the early spring, our staff will do a general cleanup of your property to take care of all the mess that old man winter left behind. 

Tree & Shrub Pruning:
Twice per year, we will remove the new growth from shrubs to keep their shape.  Trees are trimmed on an as needed basis to provide visibility and clearance for sidewalks and automobiles.  Hourly rates available. 

Mulch Installation:
Never worry about the hassle of loading the truck and spreading mulch again!  We bring your mulch to the house, install it 2 inches in depth, and clean up after we are done!  Call today for a free estimate. 

Fall Clean-up:
In the fall, our staff will do a general cleanup of your property to take care of your leaves.  We blow all the leaves out of the flower beds, and corners where they tend to accumulate, and then use premium quality lawn baggers to vacuum your property clean!  Don’t stress, let us take care of the mess!